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Fast build, ultra-rapid charging points for electric vehicles are the solution to the ongoing challenge of the shortage of EV charging points faced by the UK.

While the government pushes for the uptake of electric vehicles, consumers are put off their adoption as a result of the lack of availability of charging points and long charge times, delaying and disrupting long journeys. Local councils are doing what they can to deploy on-street charge points, but it isn’t enough.

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What is Street Car Charging?

The company who specialises in deploying prefabricated extra high voltage (EHV) electric substations, Utilligence, is developing a bespoke, in a box solution – the flat pack service station.

The intent is to install these service stations, fully equipped with ultra-rapid charging points throughout the UK, with a view to converting or adding to existing (petrol and diesel) service stations.

Consumers will be able to stop and fill up on their cars’ electricity in the same way they currently stop for petrol. Rapid charging, no spending hours waiting to get on the move.

An Opportunity to Lead the Way in Electric Vehicle Charging

Street Car Charging’s flat pack service stations will be fast to deploy and install, and, thanks’ to Utilligence’s considerable experience in working with extra high voltage power networks and substations, they will be a safe, cost-effective and low-maintenance solution.

As we move towards net zero and mandatory electric-powered vehicles, it’s vital that current businesses in petrol and diesel delivery build a sustainable roadmap for their future.

Our flat pack service stations are suitable for existing petrol service station owners, local councils and private ventures who are seeking the opportunity to meet the needs of a growing customer base.

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